About DMD

Pricing Solutions

DMD began a partnership with First Databank, Inc. in the mid-1990’s en route to becoming the industry’s first web-based source of drug pricing data with the launch of AnalySource® Daily in 2000. Our goal at DMD has always been to provide powerful yet user-friendly drug pricing tools to deliver not only data, but information and competitive intelligence to our users. In doing so, we have grown into an industry leader and now offer a suite of online drug pricing tools which includes three different AnalySource® solutions, customized data pulls and reports, and government compliance forms.

AnalySource suite of drug pricing tools advantages:

  • Leverages FDB MedKnowledge’s (formerly NDDF Plus) descriptive and drug pricing information to facilitate rapid and effective pricing analysis.
  • Enhances drug pricing forecasts, identification of emerging trends, and an understanding of how costs affect prescribing volume.
  • Includes customizable filter and query capabilities, graphics functionality, exploring tools, and email notifications.
  • Provides daily accounting of price changes, new drug releases, and obsolete codes. Twice-monthly price updates are available with the AnalySource Bi-Weekly option. Monthly price updates are available with the AnalySource Monthly option.

Healthcare Marketing Research

DMD is a full-service marketing research company serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries. Our services are designed to fulfill our clients’ critical marketing information needs from pharmacies, patients, hospitals, physicians, and their competitive environment. Our many years of experience and industry resources, including proprietary panels, frequently allow us to reach hard-to-find segments and provide our clients with a quick reporting turnaround.

  • Privately owned and operated since the company’s founding in 1971
  • Solutions are customized to each client and marketing concern
  • Full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative methodologies and technologies
  • Monthly syndicated studies among pharmacists
  • Clients include major pharmaceutical manufacturers and several biotech companies

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DMD is a member of the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group (PMRG) and the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO), and upholds the ethical standards of each organization, especially as they pertain to privacy of respondents and operational conduct.

Mission & Values

DMD is a full-service marketing research company that employs the full spectrum of methodologies and technologies available in the implementation of our programs. All of the methodologies used are administered and controlled by DMD senior management to assure high quality.

  • Client satisfaction at personal and institutional levels is paramount
  • We are adaptive and flexible
  • We are accessible to clients
  • We strive for technological leadership
  • We are empathetic and innovative
  • We operate as a long-term partner