About Us

DMD America began a partnership with First Databank, Inc. in the mid-1990’s en route to becoming the industry’s first web-based source of drug pricing data with the launch of AnalySource® Daily in 2000. Our goal at DMD America has always been to provide powerful yet user-friendly drug pricing tools to deliver not only data, but information and competitive intelligence to our users. In doing so, we have grown into an industry leader and now offer a suite of online drug pricing tools which includes three different AnalySource® solutions, customized data pulls and reports, and government compliance forms.

AnalySource suite of drug pricing tools advantages:

  • Leverages FDB MedKnowledge’s (formerly NDDF Plus) descriptive and drug pricing information to facilitate rapid and effective pricing analysis.
  • Enhances drug pricing forecasts, identification of emerging trends, and an understanding of how costs affect prescribing volume.
  • Includes customizable filter and query capabilities, graphics functionality, exploring tools, and email notifications.
  • Provides daily accounting of price changes, new drug releases, and obsolete codes. Twice-monthly price updates are available with the AnalySource Bi-Weekly option. Monthly price updates are available with the AnalySource Monthly option.